Aromatic oils make their beneficial effects through sensory perceptions such as touch, smell and also directly through the skin.

Oil massage is relaxing, harmonizing full body massage stimulates blood circulation and aromatic oils take the body into a magical fragrant haze which develops its effect through inhalation. To give you the best possible atmosphere closer to your healing unique Thai culture, we chose oils and herbs directly from Thailand.

The therapist uses massage oil to natural ingredients, which are based on palm oil. In addition to the oil floral scents - such as jasmine, ylang flower, lady night, also refreshing fruit - orange combined with cinnamon, lemon grass combined with marigold, coconut, as well as herb - lavender, rosemary combined with mint, but also gentle oil aloe vera and honey fragrance.

Choose from a tropical garden the best for you and feel the thousands of years old culture through smells and touch.

Thai aroma oil massage lasts 60,90 or 120 minutes.