Thai massage is 2500 years old healing method based on knowledge of energy pathways in the body called Sen, where are important acupressure points.

Massage technique is based on palpation of these points and in developing the necessary pressure on them to stretching and passive stretching of the individual parts of the body with the use of elements of yoga. Our masseuses use thumbs, palms, forearms, feet, knees, to develop a correct and necessary pressure or strain.

Traditional Thai massage will relieve fatigue, it reduces muscle spasms and nervous tension, stimulates blood and lymph circulation, relaxes the mobility of muscles, joints and tendons.Thai massage is a full body massage, which is done in a stylish and comfortable Thai clothing, through which a therapist palpated acupressure points and develops them the necessary pressure.

Then, on to the next stage of massage, which comprises stretching.

Traditional Thai massage lasts 60,90 or 120 minutes.